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Many people ask for information about how to make spoon jewelry. Most inquiries are for how to make one or two pieces, maybe a spoon ring or a spoon bracelet. The internet is full of sites with great articles on how to make spoon rings and bracelets and even fork jewelry. These articles give good instruction on making spoon jewelry with common tools found around the house. Searching Google will bring up many interesting articles that give instruction on how to make fork and spoon jewelry.

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Sterling Silver Rainbow Fork Pendant

How to make spoon jewelry

Many people ask “What is the best material for making fork andspoon jewelry, sterling silver flatware or silverplate flatware”. A few factors must be considered when making spoon jewelry. A sterling silver fork or spoon can be used to make spoon jewelry but can be quite expensive. Sterling flatware is not as strong as silverplated flatware. Silverplated flatware is used in most cases when making fork and spoon jewelry mainly because of its affordability and its strength. I have had many conversations with people who have had sterling spoon jewelry break either in the process of making the jewelry or after wearing it for some time.

A lot of flatware patterns were only available in silverplate. Something to ask when trying to identify authentic spoon jewelry is “Was this pattern available in sterling or silverplate?” this will help in separating authentic spoon jewelry from imitation or cast spoon jewelry.

What is Real Spoon Jewelry?

What is the best flatware to use for spoon jewelry?

Tips on buying spoon jewelry?

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Sterling Silver Fork Ring

Sterling Silver Spoon Bracelet in Royal Danish Pattern